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Precious Metals Prices Shined In 2020

January 6th


What Is The US Government Trying To Hide From Investors And The General Public-- And Why?

January 8th


Retail Customers Surge In Demand To Purchase Gold And Silver

January 13th


Bad News For Government Employees Defined Benefit Pension Plans

January 15th


Financial Privacy Dying In Italy

January 20th


US Money Supply Is Soaring

January 22nd


Get Ready For Soaring Food Prices

January 27th


Debt Levels Are Soaring

January 29th


Silver Price Soars Fifteen Percent In One Week

February 3rd


Why Silver Prices Will Not Explode Right Now

February 5th


Which 20 Prominent American Women Should Be Honored on US Coins

February 10th


Other US Coin Design Changes Coming Soon

February 12th


Little Reported Near Catastrophe Last Week -- Poisoned Water In Florida

February 17th


The Forthcoming Women On Quarters Series Is Not A Popularity Contest

February 19th


More Details On US Mint's Forthcoming Women On Quarters Series

February 24th


Higher Inflation Showing Up All Over

February 26th


Exchange Traded Funds Confirm Massive Shortage Of Physical Silver

March 3rd



March 5th


What To Expect From Last Week's Horrible Financial News

March 10th


Liberty Coin Service Is Giving Customers Free Silver Michigan Statehood Quarters This Month

March 12th


Why The News Blackout On A Horrible Provision In The So-Called America Rescue Plan Act

March 17th


A Michigan Tax Cut That Increased State Tax Collections Part 1

March 19th


A Michigan Tax Cut That Increased State Tax Collections Part 2

March 24th


Federal Reserve Confirms Plan For Much Higher Consumer Prices

March 26th


Top Democrat Economic Advisor Confirms Tax Increases Reduce GDP

March 31st


Gold Preserves Wealth and Stabilizes Market Returns

April 2nd


Rising Interest Rates Are Damaging The US Economy

April 7th


If Surging Government Spending Will Reduce The Value Of The US Dollar, Why Is Value Now Rising?

April 9th


More Evidence That Consumer Prices Are Rising In America

April 14th


Can You Identify These American Women?

April 16th


Financial News You Need To Know That The Regular Media Isn't Telling You

April 21s


Dated Morgan And Peace Silver Dollars Go On Sale In May And June

April 23rd


Liberty Coin Service Honored For The Information It Provides

April 28th


High Consumer Prices Are Coming Soon

April 30th


Federal Reserve Confirms It Plans To Damage The US Economy Part 1

May 5th


Federal Reserve Confirms It Plans To Damage The US Economy Part 2

May 7th


If You Wait Until The Regular Media Reports The Financial News It Is Too Late To Protect Yourself

May 12th


Financials Risks For When Bank Of Intenational Settlements Changes How Banks Report Reserves

May 14th


Prices Are Rising Much Faster Than Federal Reserve Admits

May 19th


Terrible Home Building Decline Sparked By Soaring Inflation

May 21st


Will New Basil 3 Accords Fail At Boosting Gold And Silver Prices Part 1

May 26th


Will New Basil 3 Accords Fail At Boosting Gold And Silver Prices Part 2

May 28th


Collector Coin Prices Are Starting To Take Off

June 2nd


Governments Lie

June 4th


Higher Consumer Prices Caused By Government

June 9th


How Governments Try To Deflect The Blame For Rising Consumer Prices

June 11th


When Will You Stop Believing Government Deceptions On Rising Consumer Prices?

June 16th


Will The International Monetary Fund Sell More Gold?

June 18th


Which Six Primary Trading Partners Of Federal Reserve Bank Of New York Were Punished For Criminal Acts

June 23rd


Fed Finally Admits Consumer Prices Are Rising Faster, But Still Lies

June 25th


US Government And Federal Reserve Are Backed Into A Corner

June 30th


A Woman Who Helped Promote The Idea Of American Independence

July 2nd


Is The Women On Quarters Program Going Off Track

July 7th


America Is The Land Where Socialism Failed Many Times

July 9th


Will Fed Chair Jerome Powell Face Tough Questions This Week

July 14th


Both Parties To A Transaction Can Benefit

July 16th


Largest US Banks Are Not As Save As The Federal Reserve Pretends Part One

July 21st


Largest US Banks Are Not As Safe As The Federal Reserve Pretends Part Two

July 23rd


Bank Regulators Weaken Standards For Bank Safety

July 28th


Why It Is So Easy To Manipulate Gold And Silver Prices

July 30th


Federal Reserve Sells Out American People To Support Large Banks

August 4th


The Fed Promises To Indefinitely Subsidize Banks

August 6th


Why Continue Government Bailouts When Government Reports Show US Economy Larger Than Before The Pandemic

August 11th


Another Woman Possibly Worthy Of Honoring On American Quarters

August 13th


The US Government is manipulating Gold and Silver Prices

August 18th


The Fed's Annual Report for 2020 is out...and trouble is coming!

August 20th


Where are and what will happen to Afghanistan's gold reserves?

August 25th


U.S. no longer has the most government gold reserves

August 27th


U.S. government methodology changes on Financial reports

Septemebr 1st


The factors that impact the value of  labor

September 3rd


The Amazing life of Salmon Chase

September 8th


The Amazing life of Salmon Chase part 2

September 10th


Rising Prices and Paladium

September 15th


Secret Loans from the Fed 

September 17


What Fed Chair Jerome Powell will say
September 22nd


Financial problems for China's Evergrand

September 24th


Federal reserve and the truth on consumer prices
September 29th


The Failed Fed Accounting practices

October 1st


Whats behind the empty shelves at your local store

October 6th


Rising Consumer Prices, and Inflation 

October 8th


Fed's soaring inflation of the money supply

October 13th


Resignations at the federal Reserve

October 15th


Release of the CIA's Kennedy papers

October 20th


How long will you wait before you take action

October 22nd


Government regulations lead to supply chain problems

October 27th


George Washington's portrait on US Quarters changes next year

October 29th


Government spending legislation is really about people control

November 3rd


Likensses to appear on future U.S. Quarters

November 5th


Is the Fed deceiving the public on inflation

November 10th


Fed slow to report Emergency liquidity injections into the American banking system

November 12th


The Fed's semiannual Financial Stability Report

November 17th


The origins of the Turkey for Thanksgiving tradition

November 24th


The REAL Black Friday financially

November 26th


What is the Great Reset

December 1st


Is the worlds paper currency losing value

December 3rd


The U S Government has sold out the Countries future

December 8th


Latest news on Bitcoin cryptocurrency

December 10th


A deeper look into the Bureau of Labor Statistics Methodology

December 15th


Is your IRA set up properly?

December 17th


US Mint statehood Quarters and Liberty coin and Lansing food bank 

December 22nd


The Concept of Money

December 23rd


Can you really disagree 100% of the time?

December 29th


Expanding the info on how you can prevent or lesson the effects from Covid

December 30th


What and Who's behind the Covid test shortage

January 5th


US Stock Market Things not as rosy as the appear

January 7th


Precious metal prices did not increase in 2021 and here's why

January 12th


Will Gold, Silver and Platinum go up in 2022

January 14th


converting cryptocurrencey to Gold and Silver in 2022

January 19th 2022


Why are tens of Trillions of dollars in emergency liquidation funds continuing to be injected into the banking system

January 21st 2022


More details on the Fed's liquidity injections

January 26th 2022


More on Liquidity injections and possible fall out

January 28th 2022


The Fed, rising interest rates and consumer prices

February 2nd 2022


Teetering stocks and the movement of precious metals markets

February 4th 2022


The Real numbers from US Bureau of Labor Statistic's

February 9th 2022


Why are these commentaries important  to you?

February 11th 2022


The US governments deceptive Consumer price index

February 16th 2022


What's really going on with US Stocks prices and the NASDAQ

February 18th 2022


The Federal Government is at it again

February 23rd 2022


The US vs Canada and Free Speech

February 25th 2022


State of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

March 2nd 2022


What are the Russian sanctions really all about

March 4th 2022


Could your bank be vulnerable to losses with loans to Russian Businesses and Government?

March 9th 2022


Real Disposable Income report says Americans are poorer then a year ago

March 11th 2022


Interest rate hike and what Russian sanctions are effecting here

March 16th 2022


Russia has been building up it's gold reserves how does that effect you?

March 18th 2022


The Mixed signals about Stock prices

March 23rd 2022


The list of things effecting rising food prices

March 25th 2022


Highest increase in 40 years! Will consumer prices keep rising?

March 30th 2022


Foreigners Holding US Dollars, And what that means for you the Consumer

April 1st 2022


US Mints new quarters for 2022

April 6th 2022


CPA's see a bleak Economic forecast in 2022

April 8th 2022


US Sanctions on Russia not having effect we were told

April 13th 2022


Troubling news about Fed reserve Banks and Dow Jones Industrial

 April 15h 2022


We told you the Dollar was in Trouble now the press finally agrees?

April 20th 2022


Check the Facts on the Health of the Planet they may surprise you!

April 22nd 2022


The Greatest source of rising prosperity, Indiviual Liberty

April 27th 2022


The Russian counter measures to US Sanctiuons

April 29th 2022


Fed Not being up front on Interest rates and inflation

May 4th 2022


Major banks stock prices down Fed continues to loan large amounts to them

May 6th 2022


Are we already in a reccession

May 11th


Government Debt is the culprit of the economic down turn

May 13th


How does the stock Market effect the price of Gold and Silver

May 18th


Lansing Has the second  highest unfunded liabilities in the State

May 20th


City of Lansings unfunded liabilities

May 25


The US mint is making it hard to get special quarters

May 27


Better ways to pay for fixing of Michigans roads and bridges

June 1st


Aren't we already really in a recession

June 3rd


Whats really going on with Natural Gas Prices

June 8th 


Yet another Tax to watch out for

June 10th


The "Experts" at the Treasury Just keep swinging and missing

June 15th


The recent  interest rate increase,is the Fed and the US Government in a panic?

June 17th


The State and the truth about unfunded liabilities

June 22nd


The State of Michigans deceptive Financial reports

June 24th


US Gov and Fed destroying the US Dollar

June 29th


The story of Nancy Green

July 1st


The story of Sarah Bradlee Fulton

July 6th


2 significant developments destine to reduce the long term value of the dollar

July 8th


What do the Latest labor statistic's really say?

July 13th


The US Dollar vs world currencies

July 15th


Serious Financial issues for the City of Lansing

July 20th


World Food shortages are coming

July 22nd

The difference between Price and Cost

July 27th


Yes, it's really a Recession

July 29th


What's really behind the Fed raising the inerest rate?

August 3rd


Rising food prices and Consumer self interest

August 5th


The Fed is in a catch 22

August 10th


The Livingston Family Emergency readiness Expo

August 12th


American Innovation Dollars and the US Mint

August 17th


Latest on the Worlds Food supply

August 19th


More Food shortages are coming

August 24th


Negatives of energy policies being felt world wide

August 26th


What did Fed Chairman Jerome Powell really say in his speech

August 31st


More from Fed Chairman's speech and what it really means for you

September 2nd


The financial Parallel's Between Rome and America

September 7th


Whay a stable monetary system is so important

September 9th


Why 2%drop in Purchase power DOES matter!

September 14th


Playing fast and loose with the Job numbers

September 16th


danger of Junk Bond defaults increasing

September 21st


Dropping Bullion supply

September 23rd


Currancies around the world vs Gold

September 28th


Deja Vu, The US economy looks like 2008 

September 30th


Declining foreign $ /OPEC cut production and more

October 5th


Continued Plummiting of US Stock values

October 7th


What's behind the document called Counterparty choice Interconnectedness and Bank risk taking

October 12th


Could there be a world wide banking collapse coming

October 14th


The 241st anniversary of the British and How gold saved the day

October 19th


Social Security increase and the bleak outlook for it's future

October 21st


The truth behind the Monthly sales for retail and food services numbers

October 26th


What forced the UK prime minister to resign

October 28th


What is the real direction of the US economy?

November 2nd


Growing World Debt and what it means

November 4th


The Horrible economic news that was suppressed before the elections

November 9th


Media not telling you about the financial crisis at Credit Suisse Bank

November 11th


 The truth about what's really going on with Consumer prices

November 16th


What effects will SWIFT have on the American finacial status

November 18th


The Looming crisis In Home sales and mortgage rates

November 23rd


What does the rise in Consumer Prices in Europe mean for you the US Consumer

November 25


Does thanksgiving fit in with todays political climate?

November 30th


Layoffs and the US Dept of labor tries to redefine what a worker is

December 2


Public awarness of Physical silver shortage is pushing up the price

December 7th


Bank for InternationalSettlements warns of 80 Trillion in Derivatives liabilities not reported on balance sheet

December 14th


Looming financial crises that could soon erupt to harm the value of US dollar

December 16th


Regular media caught reporting disinformationabout US economy

December 21st


There are better gifts then money

December 23rd


US Government caught lying about National Security

December 28th


Gold and Silver out perform other Investments

December 29th


Government may soon change statistical methodology to hide extent of rising consumer prices

January 4th


Social Security is even more bankrupt then you were previously told

January 6th


Another indicator that the US is alrady in a recession

January 11th


Important financial data omitted from gross domestic product calculations

January 13th


US Mint may not issue commemorative coins in 2023

January 18th


Bad News for Bond values in 2022

January 20th


How Governments avoid solving probelms

January 25th


Expect the merger of the Brazil and Argentina Monetary systems
January 27th


Bureau of labor statistics caught with massive over staement of job gains

Feb 1st


Should Michigan eliminate the state individual income tax

February 3rd


Michigan Politicains seek to raise taxes on seniors who are still working

February 8th


Beware of the falling of the US dollar

February 10th


An important questionthat Michigans Senators need to answer

February 15th


Should the American People be informed about US Gov. COVID vaccine Studies?

February 17th


Secrets for a good nights sleep

February 22nd


A child who collects coins and currencymay grow up to be more successful adults

February 24th


US government again revises index to further understate price increases

March 1st 2023


Should social security benefits age be raised

March 3rd 2023


Gold and Silver prices poised to Rise

March 8th 2023


Higher Taxes are counterproductive

March 10th


Fear in the Financial markets part 1

March 15th 2023


Fear in the Financial markets part 2

March 17th 2023


Federal Reserve ramps upinflation of the money supply

March 22nd 2023


Banks are in worse shape then we are being told

March 24 2023


Federal Reserve Bank blatanly lies to the public

March 29th 2023


There really is a bank run underway in America

March 31st 2023


What really led to the Great Depression - Part 1

April 5th 2023


The Great Depression part 2

April 7th 2023


The Great Depression part 3

April 12th 2023


The Great Depression part 4

April 14th, 2023


A coin can stand the test of time part one

April 19th 2023


A coin can stand the test of time part two

April 21st 2023


US Dollar in Global central bank reserves plummet in 2022

April 26 2023


City of Lansing budget still suffering from unfunded liabilities for pensions and retirees healthcare

April 28th 2023


Michigan State government repeating fiscal mismanagement of two decades ago

May 3rd 2023


Do you still trust your Government

May 5th 2023


The news you are NOT hearing about recent US Bandk failures

May 10th 2023


The worst is yet to come

May 12th 2023


Federal Reserve Bnak guarantee's continued high consumer price increases

May 17th 2023


Furor over national debt ceilingconceals larger financial problem

May 24 2023


Global De-dollarization is crippling US

May 26 2023

Free Michigans energy choices

May 31st 2023


Why is Michigans electrical grid at elevated l risk of outages

June 2nd 2023


Another Horrible US Jobs and unemployment report

June 7th 2023


Expect the Fed to leave interest rates unchanged next week

June 9th 2023


Demographic problem with existing entitlement  programs

June 14th 2023


Research on the wrong path

June 16th 2023


Getting US nickel designs right part 1



Getting the US nickel designs right part 2



Changes in tax laws effect peoples financial behavior



Latest Pew Research findings, How do you, the people view the Federal Government

July 5th, 2023


What was all the Drama over the Fed debt ceiling really all about

July 7th 2023


Fed Almost got away with breaking the Law part one

July 12th 2023


Fed almost got away with breaking the law part two

July 14th 2023


Gold was the top performing financial assest over the past 8 recessions

July 19th 2023


Some surprising predictions for the rest of 2023

July 21st 2023


The flurry of rumors involving next months meeting of the BRICS nations

July 26th 2023


The impact of the recent discovery of the Kentucky Coin Hoard

July 28


Economic indicators that the US economy is NOT strong

August 2nd 2023


The US economyis not as strong as the politicians are claiming

August 4 2023


Is the silver price getting ready to soar(Part one)

August 9th 2023


Is the silver price getting ready to soar(Part two)

August 11th 2023


Hire consumer prices are EVEN HIGHER then the Government will admit

August 16th 2023


Will Michigan state Government reinstate another failed program

August 23rd


You may want to close your accounts if your Bank joins Fed Now

August 25th


Will governor Witmer work to make Michigan roads safe for EV's

August 30th


Government hides bad economic news

September 1st


US Government revises second Quarter GDP numbers  downward

Seotember 6th


New Laws inacted could send Michigan into a One-State recession

September 8th


Media ignores horrible Bureau of labor statistics consumer expenditures report

September 13th


FDIC list of troubled banks is highly deceptive
September 15th


The US government's war on poverty has vanquished the Government

September 20th 2023


US Mint is surveying the public

September 22nd 2023


Mi State government unfunded employee pension liabilities far higher then reported

September 27th 2023


Mi State gevernment unfunded employee liabilities far higher then reported part 2

September 29th 2023


Comentary from 

October 4th 2023


Commentary from

October 6th 2023


Is the in God we trust motto on US coins Obsolete part one

October 11th 2023


Is the in God we trust motto on US coins obsolete part two

October 13th 2023


Commentary for October 18th 2023


Commentary for October 20th 2023


If you bought gold or silver in early October, give yourself a pat on the back

October 25th 2023


Why the Fed reserve3 Bank ccannot succeed Part 1

October 27th


What will happen to the integrity of the 2024 Elections

November 1st 2023


Why the Federal reserve bank cannot succeed Part 2

November 3rd 2023


Michigan Legislature votes to DAMAGE michigans economy

November 8th 2023


Why the Federal Reserve Band cannot Succeed Part 3

November 10th 2023


Why are governments waiting 30 years to pay for unfunded Liabilities

November 15th 2023


Why the federal reserve bank cannot succeed Part 4

November 17th 2023


The Real meaning of Thanksgiving

November 22nd 2023


This past US presidential election was decided by ONE person

November 24 2023


An erratic UD Dollar value hurts American Prosperty

November 29th 2023


See a piece of Lansing History

December 1st 2023




Others admitting the US economy is in a recession

December 6th 2023


The Michigander who saved the Greman and Japanese economies

December 8th


Which direction will the Fed take interest rates after FOMC Meeting

December 13th 2023


Is the Mayors office finally looking at suggestions to fix Lansings Budget from back in 2017

December 15th 2023


An excellent gift Idea 

December 20th 2023


The Story of Ulysses S. Grant

December 22nd 2023


The Growing michigan together counsil report

December 27th 2023


The best way to stop the falling purchase power of the US dollar

December 29th 2023


The real economic outlook heading into the election year 2024



How to stop Michigan's decliningper capita income from plummeting 

well below the national average



Gold out performed almost all flat currencies in 2023



Is your job at risk?



What could go wrong in 2024



Whay are Political canidates afraid to propose Gov spending cuts



What the regular media didn't tell you about latest job and unemployment report



Dismal job record since Pandemic



Fridays reported loss of more then 2.6 million jobs



parallels between the beginning of WWI and today



Current financial situation will create extreme pressure for even higher Interest rates this year



Why the purchasing power of the US dollars will continue to fall


Michigan state Governmentunfunded liabilities among highest of all States



Michigan Governor Whitmire wants to Financially punish poor Michiganders



Emergency Bank bailout program



Gold prices set a new record



Political integrity during President Jacksons time in office



Why didn't Governors panel on growing the state recommend renewel of right to work



Tax breaks forall tax payersare morejob creators then targeted business subsidies



Former oldsmobile employee persecuited by financial industry regilatory authority



The next US coinhonoring Michigan coming out next year



How did the US mintcome to issue The American innovation coin



Every trading day in March gold closed among record highest gold prices ever



Don't fall for disinformationon future interest rates



Will Us treasury debt soon loose it's risk free status



Cutting and simplfying Americas Taxes to spark economic growth



Disastrous jobs and unemployment report



Whay are US infant mortality rates suddenly rising



Chinas Gold demand has soared



Will China pay massive debt to the US



US treasury debt not finding enough willing buyers



Punishing foreigners who are abandoning the US



US dollar suffering unintended consequences of US sanctions



For most people purchasing gold and silver in a precious metals IRA is a mistake












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