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Precious Metals Prices Shined In 2020

January 6th


What Is The US Government Trying To Hide From Investors And The General Public-- And Why?

January 8th


Retail Customers Surge In Demand To Purchase Gold And Silver

January 13th


Bad News For Government Employees Defined Benefit Pension Plans

January 15th


Financial Privacy Dying In Italy

January 20th


US Money Supply Is Soaring

January 22nd


Get Ready For Soaring Food Prices

January 27th


Debt Levels Are Soaring

January 29th


Silver Price Soars Fifteen Percent In One Week

February 3rd


Why Silver Prices Will Not Explode Right Now

February 5th


Which 20 Prominent American Women Should Be Honored on US Coins

February 10th


Other US Coin Design Changes Coming Soon

February 12th


Little Reported Near Catastrophe Last Week -- Poisoned Water In Florida

February 17th


The Forthcoming Women On Quarters Series Is Not A Popularity Contest

February 19th


More Details On US Mint's Forthcoming Women On Quarters Series

February 24th


Higher Inflation Showing Up All Over

February 26th


Exchange Traded Funds Confirm Massive Shortage Of Physical Silver

March 3rd



March 5th


What To Expect From Last Week's Horrible Financial News

March 10th


Liberty Coin Service Is Giving Customers Free Silver Michigan Statehood Quarters This Month

March 12th


Why The News Blackout On A Horrible Provision In The So-Called America Rescue Plan Act

March 17th


A Michigan Tax Cut That Increased State Tax Collections Part 1

March 19th


A Michigan Tax Cut That Increased State Tax Collections Part 2

March 24th


Federal Reserve Confirms Plan For Much Higher Consumer Prices

March 26th


Top Democrat Economic Advisor Confirms Tax Increases Reduce GDP

March 31st


Gold Preserves Wealth and Stabilizes Market Returns

April 2nd


Rising Interest Rates Are Damaging The US Economy

April 7th


If Surging Government Spending Will Reduce The Value Of The US Dollar, Why Is Value Now Rising?

April 9th


More Evidence That Consumer Prices Are Rising In America

April 14th


Can You Identify These American Women?

April 16th


Financial News You Need To Know That The Regular Media Isn't Telling You

April 21s


Dated Morgan And Peace Silver Dollars Go On Sale In May And June

April 23rd


Liberty Coin Service Honored For The Information It Provides

April 28th


High Consumer Prices Are Coming Soon

April 30th


Federal Reserve Confirms It Plans To Damage The US Economy Part 1

May 5th


Federal Reserve Confirms It Plans To Damage The US Economy Part 2

May 7th


If You Wait Until The Regular Media Reports The Financial News It Is Too Late To Protect Yourself

May 12th


Financials Risks For When Bank Of Intenational Settlements Changes How Banks Report Reserves

May 14th


Prices Are Rising Much Faster Than Federal Reserve Admits

May 19th


Terrible Home Building Decline Sparked By Soaring Inflation

May 21st


Will New Basil 3 Accords Fail At Boosting Gold And Silver Prices Part 1

May 26th


Will New Basil 3 Accords Fail At Boosting Gold And Silver Prices Part 2

May 28th


Collector Coin Prices Are Starting To Take Off

June 2nd


Governments Lie

June 4th


Higher Consumer Prices Caused By Government

June 9th


How Governments Try To Deflect The Blame For Rising Consumer Prices

June 11th


When Will You Stop Believing Government Deceptions On Rising Consumer Prices?

June 16th


Will The International Monetary Fund Sell More Gold?

June 18th


Which Six Primary Trading Partners Of Federal Reserve Bank Of New York Were Punished For Criminal Acts

June 23rd


Fed Finally Admits Consumer Prices Are Rising Faster, But Still Lies

June 25th


US Government And Federal Reserve Are Backed Into A Corner

June 30th


A Woman Who Helped Promote The Idea Of American Independence

July 2nd


Is The Women On Quarters Program Going Off Track

July 7th


America Is The Land Where Socialism Failed Many Times

July 9th


Will Fed Chair Jerome Powell Face Tough Questions This Week

July 14th


Both Parties To A Transaction Can Benefit

July 16th


Largest US Banks Are Not As Save As The Federal Reserve Pretends Part One

July 21st


Largest US Banks Are Not As Safe As The Federal Reserve Pretends Part Two

July 23rd


Bank Regulators Weaken Standards For Bank Safety

July 28th


Why It Is So Easy To Manipulate Gold And Silver Prices

July 30th


Federal Reserve Sells Out American People To Support Large Banks

August 4th


The Fed Promises To Indefinitely Subsidize Banks

August 6th


Why Continue Government Bailouts When Government Reports Show US Economy Larger Than Before The Pandemic

August 11th


Another Woman Possibly Worthy Of Honoring On American Quarters

August 13th


The US Government is manipulating Gold and Silver Prices

August 18th


The Fed's Annual Report for 2020 is out...and trouble is coming!

August 20th


Where are and what will happen to Afghanistan's gold reserves?

August 25th


U.S. no longer has the most government gold reserves

August 27th


U.S. government methodology changes on Financial reports

Septemebr 1st


The factors that impact the value of  labor

September 3rd


The Amazing life of Salmon Chase

September 8th


The Amazing life of Salmon Chase part 2

September 10th


Rising Prices and Paladium

September 15th


Secret Loans from the Fed 

September 17


What Fed Chair Jerome Powell will say
September 22nd


Financial problems for China's Evergrand

September 24th


Federal reserve and the truth on consumer prices
September 29th


The Failed Fed Accounting practices

October 1st


Whats behind the empty shelves at your local store

October 6th


Rising Consumer Prices, and Inflation 

October 8th


Fed's soaring inflation of the money supply

October 13th


Resignations at the federal Reserve

October 15th


Release of the CIA's Kennedy papers

October 20th


How long will you wait before you take action

October 22nd


Government regulations lead to supply chain problems

October 27th


George Washington's portrait on US Quarters changes next year

October 29th


Government spending legislation is really about people control

November 3rd


Likensses to appear on future U.S. Quarters

November 5th


Is the Fed deceiving the public on inflation

November 10th


Fed slow to report Emergency liquidity injections into the American banking system

November 12th


The Fed's semiannual Financial Stability Report

November 17th


The origins of the Turkey for Thanksgiving tradition

November 24th


The REAL Black Friday financially

November 26th

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