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Things You Know Segments - 2019

Time To Cut Back The Post Office

January 2nd


Will New Governor And Legislature Be More Honest About State Finances

January 4th


Gold Outperformed US Stock Markets in 2018

January 9th


An Example Of Technically Accurate Media Coverage That Is Still Misleading

January 16th


Gold Price At Or Near All-Time High Against 72 Currencies

January 18th


How Governor Witmer Can Pay For Fixing Michigan's Roads

January 23rd


Toll Roads In Michigan Would Save Taxpayer Money

January 25th


Essential Services That Should Be Provided By The Private Sector Rather Than Federal Government

January 30th


Are You Prepared For The Decline In Gold Supplies

February 1st


The Federal Reserve Capitulates 

February 6th


About Michigan's Water Supplies

February 13th


Lansing Mayor Schor's Timid Plans To Sell City Assets And Pay For Past Unfunded Liabilities

February 15th


What Teacher Shortage And What To Do About It

February 20th


Is the Euro Currency Doomed

February 22nd


How Fast Will The US Dollar Sink In Value

February 27th


Come To Liberty Coins For Free Appraisals in March

March 1st


Why You Would Want Gold And Silver Prices To Plummet

March 6th


Federal Reserve Economist Mostly Avoids Question About Government Unfunded Liabilities

March 8th


Governor Whitmer Proposes To Reduce Michigan Prosperity Part 1

March 13th


Governor Whitmer Proposes To Reduce Michigan Prosperity Part 2

March 15th


Why Aren't Legislators And Bureaucrats Doing More To Resolve Unfunded Liabilities

March 20th


Illinois Now Looking At Leasing its Tollways

March 22nd


Liberty Coins To Continue Offering Free Appraisals

March 29th


Soaring Unfunded Liabilities in Michigan

April 3rd


The Federal Reserve Capitulates Again

April 5th


Big Announcement From the US Mint

April 10th


Collecting Taxes is Anything But Civilized

April 12th


Soaring Debt and Accrual Accounting

April 17th


Paying Tribute To My Father Part 1

April 19th


Paying Tribute To My Father Part 2

April 24th


Paying Tribute To My Father Part 3

April 26th


The Federal Reserve Is Lying To You

May 1st


56th Floor Treatment

May 3rd


The Federal Reserve's New Balance Sheet

May 8th


How Necessary is the Federal Reserve?

May 10th


Diminishing Gold Reserves: For a Few Ounces More Pt. 1

May 15th


Diminishing Gold Reserves: For a Few Ounces More Pt. 2

May 17th


Power of the People Pt. 1

May 22nd


Power of the People Pt. 2

May 24th


Operation Choke Point

May 29th


False Spring

May 31st


A Federal Funding Fiasco

June 5th


Why Fixing the Roads is so Difficult

June 7th


Lansing is Wasting Millions Pt. 1

June 12th


Lansing is Wasting Millions Pt. 2

June 14th


Coin Collecting for Fun and Profit

June 19th


The Federal Funds Interest Rate Remains Unchanged

June 21st


The Government's Problem with Gold

June 26th


The Government's Efforts to Suppress Gold Prices

June 28th


Caesar Rodney's Midnight Ride

July 3rd


The Legacy of the Declaration of Independence

July 5th


The Global Economy is in Decline

July 10th


More Government Won't Make You Happy

July 12th


A Major Threat to the U.S. Dollar

July 17th


Man on the Moon

July 19th


The U.S. Dollar is Unstable

July 24th


The SECURE Act is not your friend

July 26th


Gold and Good Government

July 31st


The Federal Funds Interest Rate Cut Signals a Downturn in U.S. Economy 

August 2nd


News You Didn't Learn from the Media Last Week

August 7th


Despite Media Silence, Gold has Outperformed Stocks this Year

August 9th


Gold is not Going Up, the Dollar is Going Down

August 14th


When the Government Discourages Personal Responsibility,

Bad Things Happen

August 16th


Last Decade's Great Recession Never Ended

August 21st


When Government Lies Come Home to Roost

August 23rd


Price Sensitive but Value Foolish Pt. 1

August 28th


Price Sensitive but Value Foolish Pt. 2

August 30th


Precious Metals Prices Clobber U.S. Stock Market

September 4th


What Would Happen if Debt Stopped Soaring?

September 6th


Another Horrible U.S. Jobs Report

September 11th


American Medical Association Reports Flouride can Lead to Brian Damage in Children

September 13th


Is it too Late to Save the Social Security Program from Collapse?

September 18th


Fed Announcement Signals Upcoming Economic Downturn

September 20th


What if America's Largest Bank Fails?

September 25th


Will the Federal Government Rescue JPMorgan Chase?

September 27th


What Happened to Gold and Silver Prices?

October 2nd


Gold and Silver Promote Peace

October 4th


The Massive U.S. Financial Crisis that Politicians and the Regular Media are Not Disclosing Pt. 1

October 9th


Words Used by Government to Describe Bad News

October 11th


How Fast could America's Financial System Deteriorate?

October 16th


Don't Trust the Fed

October 18th


Consumer Expenditures Rising Much Faster than Reported by the Government

October 23rd


Seventeen Trillion Dollars of Debt with Negative Interest Rates will Doom Global Economy

October 25th


U.S. Mint Plans for Special Coins over the Next Decade

October 30th


A Modest Proposal for the U.S. Mint

November 1st


Something Really Scary Lurking in the U.S. Economy

November 6th


Lansing City Government Make Snail's Progress on Unfunded Liabilities

November 8th


Regular Media is Failing to Inform you about Failing Value of the U.S. Dollar

November 13th


What a Coin can Teach People

November 15th


Words used by Government to Disguise Bad News

November 20th


U.S. Mint May Issue Silver Dollars in 2021

November 22nd


We Are Blessed Because America Rejected Socialism

November 27th


Come to Liberty Coins for Helpful, Knowledgeable and Friendly Service

November 29th


Too Many Americans Do Not Understand America's Monetary System

December 4th


Free Trade Benefits All Parties

December 6th


A Gift that is Likely to Appreciate

December 11th


Unrest in South America is an Omen for the United States

December 13th


The Fed's Balance Sheet is Soaring

December 18th


A New Regulation Will Reduce Global Prosperity

December 20th


A Season of Gratitude

December 24th


A Wall of Worry Prevented Investors from Cashing in on Precious Metals

December 27th


Things You Know That Just Aren't So About Nuclear Energy

December 31st


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