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Things You Know Segments - 2016


What If They Started a War and Nobody Fought? Part 1

January 5th


Forecasts for 2016 Part 3

January 6th


What If They Started a War and Nobody Fought? Part 2

January 8th


The World Economy In Trouble Part 1

January 13th


The World Economy In Trouble Part 2

January 15th


Just How Bad Is The US Economy?

January 20th


Why Puerto Rico Defaults Matters To Government Employees In Michigan

January 22nd


The Cure For The Flint Water Crisis Part 1

January 27th


The Cure For The Flint Water Crisis Part 2

January 29th


Treasury Department Warns Of Rising Debt Defaults

February 3rd


Don't Fall Victim To The Normalcy Bias

February 5th


What 575 Million Dollar Surplus?

February 10th


Important Financial Stories The Media Didn't Tell You

February 12th


Flint Water Crisis Part 1

February 17th


Flint Water Crisis Part 2

February 19th


Jesse Owens

February 24th


G-20 Finance Ministers Meeting

February 26th


Abolishing the One Hundred Dollar Bill

March 2nd


Dilemma For Journalists

March 4th


A Mostly Successful Government Overhaul

March 9th


The Grey Wolf

March 11th


The US Dollar Has Been Falling In Value

March 16th


The Fed Confirms The US Economy Is Weak

March 18th


Consumer Tips When Purchasing Gold and Silver

March 23rd


The War On Poverty

March 25th


Mayor Bernero Deceptions Part 1

March 30th


Mayor Bernero Deceptions Part 2

April 1st


EPA Failures

April 6th


Government Deception of US Temperature Data

April 8th


Federal Reserve Board's Closed Meetings Part 1

April 13th


Federal reserve Board's Closed Meetings Part 2

April 15th


Global Financial Problems Exposed Part 1

April 20th


Global Financial Problems Exposed Part 2

April 22nd


Global Financial Problems Exposed Part 3

April 27th


Global Financial Problems Exposed Part 4

April 29th


Precious Metals Markets

May 4th


Last Week's Disastrous Jobs Report

May 11th


Gold and Silver Price Manipulation

May 13th


Teamsters Pension Default Part 1

May 18th


Teamsters Pension Default Part 2

May 20th


The US Is Now In A Recession

May 25th


US Government Destroying Jobs

May 27th


The Fed Can't Get Anything Right Part 1

June 1st


The Fed Can't Get Anything Right Part 2

June 3rd


President Obama Warns Americans To Be Ready For A Disaster

June 8th


Media Blackout On A Major Financial Problem

June 15th


Uber and Traffic Reduction

June 17th


Will Tomorrow's Brexit Vote Be Rigged?

June 22nd


Michigan Voter Registration Fraud

June 24th


Brexit Vote

June 29th


Who Is Now Declaring Independence?

July 1st


The So-Called Experts Were Wrong

July 6th


The Five Hundred Trillion Dollar Crisis

July 8th


What About Derivatives Part 1

July 13th


What About Derivatives Part 2

July 15th


Government Unfunded Liabilities-A Partial Solution Part 1

July 20th


Government Unfunded Liabilities-A Partial Solution Part 2

July 22nd


What If Your Credit Cards And Checks Could Not Be Used?

July 27th


Fed Deception Exposed

July 29th


Federal Reserve To Drive Down The US Dollar

August 3rd


International Monetary Fund Failures

August 5th


Financial Economic and Political Crisis Floodgates

August 10th


Liberty Coins Helps Students and Schools

August 12th


The Gold Exchange Window

August 17th


Unintended Consequences

August 19th


The Gold Exchange Window Part 2

August 24th


Deception About Housing Market

August 26th


Unintended Consequences of the Monthly Jobs Report

August 31st


Happy Labor and Capital Day

September 2nd


Will The Fed Raise The Federal Funds Interest Rate?

September 7th


How Did My June 1st Predictions Turn Out?

September 9th


The Dollar's Risk To The Chinese Yuan

September 14th


Is Cash a Curse?

September 16th


Which Michigan Quarter Design Do you Prefer?

September 21st


Two Major Negative Financial Developments

September 23rd


Presidential Debate Failed to Serve the American People

September 28th


The US Mint Seeks Input

September 30th


Deutsche Bank Suffering a Run on Its Assests

October 5th


Horrible Financial News is Coming Our Way

October 7th


The US Government Should Not Be Purchasing Shares

October 12th


Unfunded Government Liability Problems

October 14th


The US Government on the Brink of a Major War

October 19th


Don't Expect Michigan's Unfunded Liabilities to Be Fully Funded By 2034

October 21st


What the Coming Crisis or Collapse of the Euro Currency Means for You

October 26th


Next Year's Huge Healthcare Premium Increases are Just the Start of the Bad News

October 28th


Next Domino Falls in Decline of The US Dollar

November 2nd


Will Today's Jobs Report Again Be Rigged

November 4th


In This Year's Elections, America Lost

November 9th


Just How Bad Are Global Government Finances

November 11th


Will Gold and Silver Prices Soar Before Year End

November 16th


A Major Sign of Deteriorating US Economy

November 18th


Be Thankful for Life's Blessings

November 23rd


When is the Best Time to Purchase Physical Gold and Silver

November 25th


What Should We Do About So-Called Fake News

November 30th


Fake News, Sharia-Compliant Gold Standard, India Fiasco

December 2nd


Manipulated Signals From Italian Referendum Deafeat

December 7th


Michigan Politicians Misleading Public About Public Employee Pensions

December 9th


Michigan Politicians Misleading Public About Public Employee Pernsions Part 2

December 14th


Privatize Space Development

December 16th


Survey Results Distorted Because of Misinformation

December 21st


Leaving The World a Better Place

December 23rd


President Obama's Harshest Critic

December 28th

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