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Things You Know Segments - 2015


Are We Really a Free Country?

January 2nd


Surprises To Your Finances This Year That The Government Is Keeping Secret

January 7th


2015 Projections That Will Be Wrong Because Of Faulty Government Data

January 9th


So Called Financial Experts Release Their Economic Forecast

January 14th


Patrick Heller discusses his meeting with Dr. Robert Dye, Chief Economist for Comerica Bank

January 16th


Budget Director Expects Service Cuts

January 21st


The Impending Bankruptcy of Federal, State and Local Governments

January 23rd


European Union Commits Financial Suicide

January 28th


State of the City Address

January 30th


A Special Farewell Message

February 4th


The United Steelworkers Strike

February 6th


Inaccuracies in the Lansing State Journal

February 11th


The Value of the US Dollar

February 13th


Where Pat Finds Important News You Need To Know

February 18th


Will the US Governent Take Control of All Private Retirement Account Assets?

February 20th


Papers Please!

February 25th


Your Change May Be Changing

February 27th


Gold Price Investigations
March 4th


Gold Price Manipulations

March 6th


Money Deserves a Legal Break Part 1

March 11th


Money Deserves a Legal Break Part 2

March 13th


Two Major Financial Developments Part 1

March 18th


Two Major Financial Developments Part 2

March 20th


Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

March 25th


A Bad Omen For the US Dollar

March 27th


Lansing Mayor's Fiscal 2016 Budget Continues Part 1

April 1st


Lansing Mayor's Fiscal 2016 Budget Continues Part 2

April 3rd


Greek Debt Bomb Imploding Part 1

April 8th


Greek Debt Bomb Imploding Part 2

April 10th


The Latest Non-Farm Payroll Report

April 15th


Former Top US Official Admits US Dollar May Be On The Decline

April 17th


Why I Don't Sound Like Everyone Else

April 21st


What Environmentalists Will Eventually Hate

April 24th


Two Deceptive Government Reports Being Released This Week

April 29th


Movie "Alongside Night" Temporarily Available

May 1st


Incorrect Environmental Forecasts Part 1

May 6th


Incorrect Environmental Forecasts Part 2

May 8th


Global Financial Market Crash

May 13th


California Water Drought

May 15th


The Truth About Horrible May Jobs

May 20th


Who Owns US Treasury Debt

May 22nd


How To Increase Parental Involvement

May 27th


How To Start a Lemonade Stand Today

May 29th


Unfunded Liabilities

June 3rd


Government School Teacher Compensation

June 5th


A Worldwide Financial Collapse Now Underway

June 10th


China's Gold Reserves

June 12th


What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

June 17th


Chinese Expand Their Influence on Global Gold

June 19th


Federal Open Market Committee Lies To Public

June 24th


New Texas State Gold Depository

June 26th


Who Would Regulate Business If the Business Does

July 1st


What About Greece?
July 8th


Watch Out For the Chinese Stock Market

July 10th


Lighting the spark for American Independence

July 15th


Lighting the Spark for American Independence Part 2

July 17th


Board of Water and Light Sale

July 22nd


Anniversary of the Coinage Act of 1965

July 24th


More Evidence the US Economy is Not Improving

July 29th


Proposals for Michigan Roads

July 31st


US Dollar Will Not Collapse in October Part 1

August 5th


US Dollar Will Not Collapse in October Part 2

August 7th


US Monetary Policy Failures Part 1

August 12th


US Monetary Policy Failures Part 2

August 14th


The Devaluation of the Chinese Yuan

August 19th


Who is Going to Buy US Treasury Debt?

August 21st


Physical Gold and Silver Shortages

August 26th


Federal Reserve Chair Yellen Failing To Do Her Job

August 28th


Everyone Should Own Gold

September 2nd


Paying For National Parks

September 4th


Michigan School District Credit Downgrades

September 9th


An Extremely Deceptive New Government Report

September 11th


An Economic Myth

September 16th


Predicting Today's Financial Problems

September 18th


The US Economy Is Not Recovering

September 23rd


Michigan Roads

September 25th


More Bad Economic News

September 30th


Americans Are Afraid of the Federal Government

October 2nd


What is Vladimir Putin Doing?

October 7th


Deflation Is Actually Good For Consumers

October 9th


Political Hypocrisy

October 14th


IMF and World Bank Disagreement

October 16th


Seasonally Adjusted Government Lies

October 21st


Carbon Dioxide Necessary For Life To Flourish

October 23rd


Lansing's Unfunded Pension and Healthcare Liabilities

October 28th


Federal Reserve Lies

October 30th


Social Security and Disability Benefits Being Reduced

November 4th


Government Lies About GDP

November 6th


Another Fraudulent Government Jobs Report

November 11th


Why Would the Government Issue a Fradulent Jobs Report

November 13th


China to Be Approved to Join the SDR Basket

November 18th


China's Inclusion in the SDR

November 20th


Thankful To Be An American

November 25th


Beware of Government Debt

November 27th


Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Comes To Lansing

December 2nd


How So-Called Experts Deceive The Public

December 4th


Free Enterprise Can Do It

December 9th


How Long Will Americans Put Up With Government Failures

December 11th

Paris Agreement Will Not Help The Planet

December 16th


The Fed Gets It Wrong Again

December 18th


Michigan and Lansing Economies of 2016

December 21st


Michigan and Lansing Economies of 2016 Part 2

December 22nd


What Really Satisfies Business Owners

December 23rd


Forecasts For 2016

December 28th


Forecasts for 2016 Part 2

December 30th


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