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Cliff Duvernois

Cliff Duvernois is a native of Michigan. After graduating college, Cliff moved to California where he fell in love with the internet, marketing and social media. In 2016, he was introduced to podcasting, a platform he immediately became enamored with.

On a short return trip to Michigan, Cliff saw that his aging parents needed help. He sold his places in California and returned to his home state to help take care of them.

Looking to reconnect with Michigan, Cliff launched his Michigan-based podcast “The Call of Leadership”. His goal was to capture and share the amazing stories behind Michigan’s top businesses, non-profits, and tourist destinations.

The show quickly grew and was finally rebranded to “Ordinary People; Extraordinary Things”. The show made the leap onto the radio after releasing nearly 100 inspiring stories from around the state.

When he’s not podcasting, Cliff is also a podcast coach and speaker. He attends church. He loves traveling around this beautiful state to capture these inspiring stories. He’s also an avid skier, a food and wine lover, and an Oreo aficionado.

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