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Clark Howard

The Clark Howard Show Airing on more than 150 stations across the country, Clark answers a variety of consumer questions and brings you the latest consumer news, five days a week.

Best Selling Author, Clark Smart Parents, Clark Smart Kids; Clark's Big Book of Bargains and Get Clark Smart: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich From America's Money-Saving Expert Clark's second most recent book, 2003's Clark's Big Book of Bargains, has been No. 7 and No. 11 on The New York Times' "Best Seller" list for "Business Books." And his previous book, 2002's Get Clark Smart, ranked No. 6 on the Times' "Best Seller" list for "How-To Books."

TV Reporter, WSB Channel 2 Action News (ABC in Atlanta) Clark tells you what you didn't know about consumer issues during his Consumer Reports segments on Channel 2 (WSB) in Atlanta. He also brings you special primetime shows and in-depth reports throughout the year.

Newspaper Columnist Clark's monthly "Top Ten Tips" article is published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He also distributes two newsletters - "Clark Howard's e-Scapes," a twice-weekly travel update, and "Clark Said," which arrives twice a month. To subscribe, become a member of the Clark Howard site. You'll be able to edit your subscriptions, change your email address, enter contests with one click and more.

Background: Clark is an Atlanta native who has always been very involved in improving his community. He has started several civic programs, such as Atlanta Volunteer Action, Volunteer Action, Inc., The Big Buddy Program and Career Action. In 1993 he opened the "Team Clark Howard" volunteer center, an advice service for consumer questions staffed by more than 140 volunteers. With the help of his listeners, he has built 30 homes in and around Atlanta for Habitat for Humanity. He's also a member of the Georgia State Defense Force. He joined after the terrorist attacks of 2001, to do his part in helping to prepare and assist our military. He attends monthly training workshops around the state as part of his service. In 1981, Clark founded a travel agency that he built into a very successful chain with locations across metro Atlanta. He sold the company in 1987 at 31 years old and retired. He found his way into public life almost by accident. While he was living the life of leisure, he was asked to be a guest on a radio show about travel. Clark's new career just appeared out of nowhere.

Education: Bachelor's in Urban Government, American University, 1976 Master's in Business Management, Central Michigan, 1977

Personal: Clark is married and has two daughters and a son. The family lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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